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Purchasing a Mountain Home?
How to Choose a Good Inspector
A home is a large investment. Don't risk it with a cheap inspection.
How to choose a good home inspector:

We meet the licensing and insurance requirements for North Carolina and Georgia.
A license can be a protection. State licensing requirements are designed to make sure
the inspector has good training. They can also get a bad inspector removed.
You can ask the inspector for proof of a license.
We have North Carolina license #3250. (Georgia does not have licensing).
Most state licenses require training.

Home building has changed through the years, and it is getting more and more complicated.
A quality inspection requires a lot of training.
North Carolina requires extensive classroom and field training and passing an exam.
North Carolina also requires annual training, called "continuing in education."
And there are organizations for home inspectors that require and provide additional training.
We are a member of The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

But training and licensing alone do not make a good home inspector.
There is so much to know! For example, energy efficiency has become very important.
But the required training barely touches this subject.
We have been designing super energy efficient homes since 2000.
We have been designing storm resistant homes since 1988.
Our extensive training and experience can help us inspect better.

I hope you are aware that not everybody is honest.
Did you know some home inspectors perform "quickie" inspections?
You want a home inspector that is working for you.
We are proud of the fact that we spend more time on our inspections,
and write the longest reports in this area.
What do we include? Continue with "Our Inspections" below:

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