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Purchasing a Mountain Home?
Getting Ready for an Inspection
How to be sure you get the best inspection possible
-Making sure the home is ready
-Making sure the paperwork is ready
-Should you attend the inspection?

Making sure the home is ready:
The homeowner and the listing agent should make sure the home is ready to inspect.
The inspector needs safe access to all parts of the home.
Sometimes the inspector cannot get to the panel box, the attic, or the crawlspace.
The electricity, water, and gas should be turned on a day before the inspection.
The water heater should be turned on. The gas pilots should be lit.
If possible it would be best if pets were taken away from the home.

Making sure the paperwork is ready:
We believe it is good business to have a signed agreement before working.
We can email our forms to you for you to fill out and sign.
You should check with your agent to be sure it is time for the inspection.
You may return our forms to us by email, fax, or in person at the inspection.
We need to have them before we start inspecting.
When we email the forms to you we include more detailed instructions.

Should you attend the inspection?
To get the inspection done more quickly, many inspectors prefer to work alone.
But our clients understand the report much better if they attend.
You are welcome to attend if you remember a few points:
Some parts of the inspection are dangerous, complicated.
It is best to wait until the inspector is done to ask questions and see what was found.
If you cannot attend, our reports are easy to understand and you are welcome to ask questions.

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