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How We Feel About Your Clients
Information for Agents
We want to earn your trust.

Your clients deserve good, fast, courteous care.
We work to get the inspection and report done in less than a week from the first call.
Radon and water testing take only two days.
Our reports include many photos to help your client understand.
We welcome the client to attend the inspection and ask questions.
We have the training, knowledge, and experience to help your client.

We understand that negotiations between the buyer and seller can be difficult.
We know how to preserve your clients' confidentiality.
We will not give the report to anyone without our customers' permission.
If the other party attends the inspection, we keep the report confidential.
We do not try to answer questions you should answer.
You are the licensed expert on negotiations, not us.

Nationwide, home inspections are being brought up to higher standards.
These standards require a more thorough inspection and report.
Reports are getting much longer, especially if they include photos.
While some agents do not like this change, most buyers are happy with it.
Of course they should be informed that a long report does not mean a bad home.
This is explained in our reports.

More Information for Agents
How We Can Reduce Buyer Stress
Preparing them for what we do, and the issues that might arise.
How We Can Reduce Seller Stress
Preparing them for what we do, and the issues that might arise.
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