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How We Can Reduce Seller Stress
Information for Agents
Preparing sellers for what we do and the issues that might arise.
-Getting the house ready
-How to prepare them
-How to deal with the issues that arise

Getting the house ready
There are several things the seller may do to make the inspection easier.
The seller should be sure the utilities will be on a day before inspection.
Pilots need to be lit, valves need to be open, and breakers need to be on.
For safety, the seller should clear the areas where the inspector will be
especially the water heater, heating and cooling system, electrical box, attic access,
and crawlspace. It is also a good idea for the pets and children to be away.

How to prepare them
Some sellers believe that the buyer should know as little as possible.
But nationwide about 70% of buyers get home inspections.
Buyers have a right to know about the problems before the closing.
Hiding problems might be just putting them off until the closing inspection.
(It might be less stressful if the seller takes care of the
inspection and repairs before the home is listed).

How to deal with the issues that arise
After the inspection, the seller needs to make some decisions.
Will the seller offer to fix the issues, pay for repairs, or reduce the price?
Are there rebates, incentives, or discounts available to help with the cost of repairs?
Would it be better to cooperate with the cost of repairs and keep your current buyer,
or lose your buyer and have to deal with the same issues with someone else?

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How We Can Reduce Seller Stress
Preparing them for what we do, and the issues that might arise.
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