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Selling a Mountain Home?
Getting Ready for a Buyer Inspection
How to get through this with the least stress possible
-Keeping everything in perspective
-Making sure the home is ready
-What to do after the inspection is done

Keeping everything in perspective:
Most home buyers are getting home inspections now.
Many of them will use the report to negotiate the cost of repairs.
The same might be true of you if you are purchasing another home.
On the other hand, all the other homes the buyer looked at had issues too.
Don't try to hide something. If it is found, you might chase away your buyer.
Through the inspection process, get good advice from your agent.

Making sure the home is ready:
It is the seller's responsibility to get the home ready for inspection.
The electric, water, water heater, and gas should all be turned on for a day before.
Turn on the pilot lights and the breakers so the inspector can test those items.
You should also test the appliances, the heating and cooling, etc.
(If you find a problem, you would have time to ask to reschedule the inspection).
If running something might cause a problem, stick a note by the switch.
Make sure all the bulbs work. The inspector will not change bulbs.
Make sure everything is safe. Its not a good idea to have pets or children there.
The inspector will go through the entire home including the garage, attic, and crawlspace.
Make sure there is safe access to everything that will be inspected.
Don't leave your stuff in the way of the electrical panel or the attic access.
The buyer is often present. Its a good idea to leave the home clean and neat.
Don't leave your dishes in the dishwasher, or your laundry in the washing machine.
If something was repaired or replaced, it you might leave receipts and an explanation.
It is also a good idea to note something you know does not work.

What to do after the inspection is done
If the buyer arranged the inspection, you will probably not see the report.
The buyer's agent will discuss the inspection results with your agent.
This is not a pass/fail. It is a process to help the buyer see the condition of the home.
The buyer will decide if the issues in the report are acceptable, or if the cost of repairs
should be negotiated, or if the issues are not acceptable to purchase the home.
If the buyer decides to negotiate, listen to the good advice of your agent.

Selling Your Mountain Home?
How an Inspection Can Help You
An inspection might make your home easier to sell.
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