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What we discover on some of our inspections
-Fire damage
-Water damage
-Bad wiring
-Bad structure

A snake in the well insulation
Fresh bear feces in the front yard
Animal skeleton in the crawlspace
Fire damage
Burned roof rafters from a chimney fire
Water damage
Soft wood from fungal damage
White stains in the fireplace from a large chimney leak
Crawlspace vent partially buried, with water running inside
Bad wiring
This hole is sharp enough to damage the wire,
and also the rust indicates water has been
running through this panel box.
Bad structure
The foundation under these deck
columns dropped about 12 inches,
causing the end of this deck to sag.
This deck was only attached to the house with nails.
A tornado moved the deck away from the house.
Before the storm revealed this error,
if there had been a large, heavy
deck party, it would have collapsed.
Radon Issues
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Water Issues
Should you get the water tested?
What We Find
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Home Designing and Planning
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