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Why get your water tested?
Safe Water
-What kinds of Water Issues We Find
-Why We Use Test Kits
-The Water Test
-How to Fix a Water Issue

What kinds of Water Issues We Find
We sometimes find positive results for Coliform type bacteria. This usually indicates
that animal fecal matter or waste water from a sewer system has leaked into the water.
Often, other dangerous forms of bacteria that can cause sickness would be present with
coliform. We have also found high levels of iron and water hardness, which is not as serious.
Once we found a high lead level, which usually comes from the well pipe or the plumbing.

Why We Use Test Kits
Most water testers use the health department for a bacteria test, and a state lab for
chemicals and metals. Because the state labs take almost a month, most people skip
that test. Some skip the bacteria tests because the health departments do not accept
samples on certain days. When we found lead in a well, we decided to change this. Our
test for bacteria, chemicals, and metals takes just two days, and we can test any day.

The Water Test
We stock water test kits that are made by a reputable company. They test for bacteria
lead, pesticides, nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, iron, hardness, and ph. We follow the instructions
carefully. The bacteria test is cultured for 48 hours at a certain temperature. If the water
stays purple it is fine. If it turns yellow, that indicates coliform bacteria. The rest of the tests
are completed in minutes. We read the results by comparing the test strips to color charts.

How to Fix a Water Issue
If there is coliform the water system should be repaired and retested. Another option
might be a treatment system. If the water tests high for lead, the source must be found
and removed. Old water pipes, fittings, or faucets might have lead. Experts agree that
there should not be any lead in the water. If the water has high iron or hardness, this
is not usually dangerous, but the water might leave stains. This can also be treated.

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Water Issues
Should you get the water tested?
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