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Purchasing a Mountain Home?
How to Choose a Good Inspector
A home is a large investment. Don't risk it with a cheap inspection.
Our Inspections
How thorough? Options and discounts to choose?
Getting Ready for the Inspection
Making sure you get the best inspection possible

Selling Your Mountain Home?
How an Inspection Can Help You
An inspection might make your home easier to sell.
Our Program for Home Sellers
We can provide helpful maketing materials for your agent.
Getting Ready for a Buyer Inspection
Being prepared can help make this easier.

Need Some Help With the Home You Own?
Our Regular Inspection Program
A nice idea to catch issues before they become bigger problems
Our Energy Efficiency Inspection
To find problems that make your home uncomfortable and expensive to heat and cool.
Remodeling Design Services
We often help our clients get a better home design for less cost.

Information for Agents
How We Feel About Your Clients
What we do to take good care of your precious clients
How We Can Reduce Buyer Stress
Preparing them for what we do, and the issues that might arise.
How We Can Reduce Seller Stress
Preparing them for what we do, and the issues that might arise.

We Are Here for You
Our Qualifications
Our training, certifications, and experience
Where we work.
The counties and states where we inspect homes
Who we are, How to contact us
Email, Phone, Facebook

Radon Issues
Should you get the home tested for radon?
Water Issues
Should you get the water tested?
What We Find
Would you like to see some of the interesting things we have found?
Home Designing and Planning
How to get plans for building or remodeling